Wednesday, October 15, 2008

08 in a "nutshell"

2008- the miracle season

The phillies are beast. Thats final if you dont belive me fine, ill just blab about this for no reason at all. Here goes...

After an 0-2 start to the season, the phillies, equipped with brad lidge, j-roll, the big man, climb the stairs and jayson werth, find themselves ONE win away from a trip to the world series. Seems like a fantasy, doesn't? Ahh, the smell of nachos, the big lineup of baseball cards in the left field gate, the phanatic shooting hot dogs (section 322 is a HUGE hotspot), the citizens 7, it all seems like a dream. A franchise that seemed doomed after 10,000 losses. But we, the fans, never threw the towel in. Not even when we were 7 runs behind against the mets and won on a coste single in the 13th. Not even when we won last year on the final day. That image of number 39, throwing his mizuno  will linger in my 12-year old mind forever. The picture of pedro feliz climbing on top of ryan howard and brad lidge hangs on my wall. This team is a team with heart. a team with passion. A team that bring pride to the color red.  A true team with true determination. When they were 5.5 games out in august, they didn't give up. they couldn't. they are the my team. They are your team.

They are the team to beat!

Now lets get out there and kick some dodger ass!

More l8er,

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