Saturday, September 13, 2008

Brewers at Phillies: 9/13/08

The Big Guys: Cole Hamels, Jayson Werth, Ryan Howard, Prince Fielder.
Where: 1 citizens bank way, home of the phillies.
When: 3:55 pm ET
Who: Manny Parra (10-7) vs Cole Hamels (12-9)
Quick Stat: The Phillies have the home field advantage vs the mets if needed.

Manny Parra will start todays game against Cole Hamels at Citizens Bank Park. The Brewers are favored to lose to Cole for two reasons.

#1: Manny's ERA is almost 100 points higher than Cole's
#2: Manny almost never reaches the seventh inning. For his Career, he goes n average of 4.2 innings per game. Cole rarely leaves before the sixth as his average for  IP/game is 6.2

The offense has been stale in september. This has been a problem for the Phillies this year as they tend to blow leads early in the game and can't catch up later.

The Battle Down Under: This game will be decided by the bottom four in the lineups. This most likely means for the Phillies it will rest on the shoulders of Shane Victorino, Pedro Feliz, Carlos Ruiz, and Cole Hamels.

Speaking of the bottom four, Cole Hamels is hitting well this season. If I'm Charlie Manuel, tis is My Lineup:

SS Rollins
LF Werth
1B Howard
2B Utley
CF Victorino
C Coste
3B Feliz
P Hamels
RF Taguchi

Although this is not the official Lineup, we will win with Hamels hitting eighth. If he can pinch hit in the eleventh, he can hit in the 8 hole.

The Bullpen:

Because the majority of the Brewers hitters are righties, I'm gonna leave this one to Madson. However, if there are back-to-back lefties, Romero will get the call. He has a blazing 95 mph fastball and a great changeup which is his main K pitch.

Lidge will play an important role in tonights game. If there is a slim margin going into the ninth, he will determine the fate of the game, series, and ultimately, the season.

The Late Richie Ashburn has been nominated for the Ford C. frick award forhisplay-byplay back in the 1980s. We miss you Richie! 

Also, go to to vote for J-Roll for the Clemente award!

Good Day and Go Phillies

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